LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, September 23 /PRNewswire/ -- XLAB, the parent company of the remote support, work and collaboration tools SL Online, has signed a consulting contract with the Japanese technology group NEC, thus proving once again that their experts are a worthy choice in a competitive global market. XLAB and NEC are bound to a long-term partnership to develop an alternative system software for the NEC SX vector supercomputer architecture.

The companies first met in 2006, when cooperating in the 6th FP research project, XtreemOS (http://www.xtreemos.eu). Their aim was to design, develop and promote a Linux-based operating system with native support for establishing large-scale virtual organisations on future generation networks.

The long-term consulting contract between XLAB and NEC, to be more specific, the European daughter company of NEC, the High Performance Computing Europe division of NEC Deutschland, is a result of good cooperation and XLAB's excellent technical proficiency. XLAB has indeed successfully participated in a number of research projects concerned with distributed systems (DeDiSys, SLA@SOI, Mosaica ...). In the scope of the future partnership, XLAB experts are cooperating in porting the GNU toolchain, Linux kernel and basic user-space tools to the NEC SX vector supercomputer architecture.

The contract represents an important milestone in XLAB's strategy to establish long-term relationships with world-leading IT and network solutions players, as well as a significant achievement of promoting Slovenian high-tech knowledge in the global market.

About Xlab

Xlab is an R&D company that develops easy-to-use, on-demand business applications for remote desktop support and access, web meetings and instant live chats. The products are bundled together in an 'All in One' pack to offer anyone from small, midsized and big businesses, to indiviuals, an easier new and secure way to access PCs, and collaborate with clients, partners and employees in real time. Besides, the ISL Online products enjoy a reputation of being extremely easy to set up and use, technologically superior, and above all, affordable.


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