LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, April 14 /PRNewswire/ --

- Remote Desktop Solution Empowers Users to Fully Control Remote PC With Advanced Collaboration Features for Helpdesk Professionals

The Xlab, an on-demand collaboration, work and communication services developer, launched a new version of its remote desktop support service for helpdesk professionals, ISL Light. The new version 3.1.0 features such improvements as reboot & reconnect, session recording, and file synchronization, all of them for easy and secure instant assistance.

Counting 40,000 users worldwide, ISL Light http://www.isllight.com allows operators to connect with clients' PC or Mac via the Internet for instant, secure and easy remote desktop assistance. ISL Light integrates desktop and control sharing, file transfer, annotation tools, chat, voice and video communication, and enables central user management and reporting capabilities. The sessions are delivered on the ISL Online Network, a global network of servers, assuring maximum reliability, security and performance. Since Xlab strives to reach its competitive edge in every perspective, its value/price is likely to be the best in the market.

In fact, ISL Light is a part of a wider ISL Online family http://www.islonline.com, which has recently introduced an incredible ALL IN ONE pricing. The ALL IN ONE bundle contains four ISL Online products, hence providing unlimited use for only one low price. Priced at EUR 390 per year, customers may use ISL Light, access a remote computer with ISL AlwaysOn, chat with a website visitor via ISL Pronto, or arrange an online meeting with ISL Groop.

With ISL Light, the user can easily solve support cases over the Internet without redundant traveling costs or long telephone conversations cutting as much as 70% of support services costs.

- Connect in a fast, easy and secure way without any installation.

- Share the entire desktop, or just an application in real time, control the keyboard and the mouse, use the rich whiteboard tools.

- Communicate via the integrated audio (VoIP) and video.

- Easily transfer files in both ways by file synchronization. (NEW)

- Regain connection after rebooting the computer, switching user, or logging off. (NEW)

- Record sessions to view them afterwards. (NEW)

Pricing and Availability

To learn more about ISL Light and the other ISL Online products, sign up for a 15-day free trial at http://www.islonline.com.

Contact: ISL Online Team Ms Jerneja Fidler Pompe Public Relations XLAB d.o.o. Teslova 30 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia EU +386-1-4776766 press@islonline.com http://www.islonline.com

Contact: ISL Online Team, Ms Jerneja Fidler Pompe, Public Relations, XLAB d.o.o., Teslova 30, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU, +386-1-4776766, press@islonline.com