LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, June 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- ISL Online, a leading provider of cloud-based communication and collaboration software, has released its ISL Light for Windows mobile. ISL Light extends multi platform support to mobile phones and allows users to access and control a remote desktop from a smartphone, or alternatively access a smartphone from a computer.

ISL Light for mobile phones takes the flexibility and productivity of remote support software to a higher level allowing users to access and control remote computers and solve technical problems from virtually anywhere. Users can access and control a remote desktop, edit documents and work with remote applications as if they were sitting behind the remote computer. Now there is no need to carry a netbook around, a mobile phone in one's pocket is all that's needed.

ISL Light is one part of the ISL Online product suite, which offers an overall online communication service, including remote access to unattended computers (ISL AlwaysOn), live chat software (ISL Pronto) and web meetings (ISL Groop). ISL Online's annual licence incorporates all four ISL Online solutions for remote support and collaboration (including ISL Light for mobile edition) for 390EUR. A 15 days free trial is available at http://www.islonline.com.

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About ISL Online

http://www.islonline.com has been supplying Internet communication services for remote desktop support, remote access, live chats and online meetings since 2003 to over 80,000 business users worldwide.



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