LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, May 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- High-tech company XLAB released a new version of the web conferencing solution ISL Groop 2.0.2 which includes considerable improvements to sound quality. The new version is available to the public at http://www.islonline.com.

Automatic audio and video detection

ISL Groop is web conferencing software designed for online meetings, webinars or e-learning. The key element for online collaboration is the quality of the audio and video feature. ISL Groop automatically detects the best audio and video device which saves participants time as they avoid the setup of peripherals. Starting a VoIP connection becomes incredibly easy for all users.

In addition, it offers other advanced audio features such as noise suppression, guess speech, automatic resolving of audio problems and others.

The latest version of ISL Groop 2.0.2 brings even better automatic voice detection. Audio playback has been improved to account for pauses in speech better and play the sound back in a more natural way.

Online meetings in three minutes

ISL Groop allows efficient communication with business partners, colleagues or students. Online meetings are started on demand without prior settings to the computer. Since there are no additional hardware requirements, online collaboration is really just a click away. Besides audio and video streaming, attendees can import PowerPoint presentations in the virtual meeting room or share their desktop or individual application. The participant can allow others to control the desktop or application remotely from their computer. During the presentation participants can use annotation tools to emphasize the key points.

ISL Groop is available for 15-day free trial at http://www.islonline.com.

http://www.islonline.com | http://www.xlab.si

About ISL Online

http://www.islonline.com has been supplying Internet communication services for remote desktop support, remote access, live chats and online meetings since 2003 to over 80,000 business users worldwide.


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