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XLAB, an internationally recognised IT company, reports a success story of the EU Gateway to Japan Programme, which is funded and managed by the European Commission to support EU companies in developing business cooperation with Japanese and Korean companies. In the Land of the Rising Sun, XLAB successfully sells its software products for business Internet communication called ISL Online (http://www.islonline.com).

XLAB started to penetrate the Japanese market in 2005, when the company decided to participate in the EU Gateway to Japan and was chosen through the tender. XLAB is one of the 2,400 companies from the EU Member States which has participated in a Gateway Mission since 1994. Today XLAB's success story is presented on the Programme's official website http://www.eu-gateway.eu.

The contacts made through the Programme led XLAB to a partnership with the company OceanBridge Inc., which since then has been taking care of localisation, promotion, distribution and support of ISL Online products on the Japanese market.

XLAB has succeeded on the world's most technologically advanced ICT market with their innovative product line of on-demand software solutions for remote collaboration, work and communication, which has gained XLAB a worldwide reputation. ISL Online products offer simple, yet highly secure access to remote computers with the possibility of video conferencing with business partners over the Internet in real time. Currently, their solutions are used by more than 60,000 users from more than 100 countries.

XLAB has been present on the Japanese market for almost two years. XLAB customers are mainly small and medium-sized companies, as well as industry giants. In 2008, XLAB concluded distribution agreements with some bigger Japanese companies, so in 2009 they expect their sales at least to double. XLAB estimates that the Japanese IT services market has enormous potential for sales of software solutions, its realisation however, requires a great deal of patience, precision and long-term commitment.



About XLAB

XLAB is an RD company that develops easy-to-use, on-demand business applications for remote desktop support and access, web meetings and instant live chats. The products are bundled together in an 'All in One' pack to offer anyone - from small, midsized and big businesses, to individuals - an easier, new and secure way to access PCs, and collaborate with clients, partners and employees in real time. Besides, the ISL Online products enjoy a reputation of being extremely easy to set up and use, technologically superior, and above all, affordable.

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