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c’t, a German computer magazine with a circulation of more than 460,000
and more than 1 million readers has tested the performance of 22 remote desktop
support solutions. Among all candidates, ISL Light, the product of a recognized
RD company XLAB d.o.o., won the highest score.

c’t magazine for computer technology, established in 1983, is one of the
best-selling computer magazines in Europe and at the same time one of the most
respected and recommended information sources for computer professionals and
ambitious computer users.

Their experts have examined closely the compatibility of 22 remote desktop
support solutions with Windows Vista. They took into consideration the
programs’ functions, technical characteristics, performance speed and
their cost. According to the article, ISL Light is the winning solution for fast
and spontaneous help in Vista. With all its functions, full Vista UAC
compatibility and fast handling, it stands together with the best global
competitors. However, since it works on all platforms, it stands even a bit

The whole article with the complete comparison table is on view at

The website also gives you the opportunity to compare only remote desktop
support solutions selected by yourself.

XLAB is developing its products continuously, so the ISL Light that convinced
c’t technical team has since then been improved. It offers a remote
printing feature and session recording suitable for resolving possible
disagreements among different parties or for personnel training. However, the
greatest advantage is ALL-IN-ONE product package. By purchasing ISL Light, a
customer is also entitled to use ISL Pronto (live chat service), ISL AlwaysOn
(remote PC access) and ISL Groop (online meetings). This offer widens the range
of possibilities and features and gives a customer a chance to integrate the
complete set of Internet communication tools into his business.



About XLAB

XLAB is an RD company that develops easy-to-use, on-demand business
applications for remote desktop support and access, web meetings and instant
live chats. The products are bundled together in an ’All in One’
pack to offer anyone - from small, midsized and big businesses, to individuals -
an easier, new and secure way to access PCs, and collaborate with clients,
partners and employees in real time. Besides, the ISL Online products enjoy a
reputation of being extremely easy to set up and use, technologically superior,
and above all, affordable.


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