LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- XLAB d.o.o., the developer of the product line named ISL Online (http://www.islonline.com), has recently released the first official version of ISL Pronto 1.0.0., a live chat software for online customer service and web support. ISL Pronto is free for users with valid ISL Online license or valid 15 days free trial.

Until now the beta version of ISL Pronto was in wide use for more than a year and since it has become a very popular and useful tool for many companies and individual users, XLAB has decided for its official release. Beta server will be shut down on May 15th, 2009.

ISL Pronto is free for existing ISL Light users. ISL Light, remote desktop control software solution, is a better know and established product of ISL Online product family, currently used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide. XLAB has made a step forward from its competitors by offering the market ALL IN ONE product package which beside ISL Light and ISL Pronto includes also ISL AlwaysOn (easy remote access) and ISL Groop (online meetings).

ISL Pronto is an efficient internet communication tool which allows you to reach your website visitors as they browse. It creates a link between company's personnel and website visitors enabling the company to promptly answer customers' sales inquiries and support requests online. Yet ISL Pronto is actually more than just a chat service. Its scalability of communication can lead a supporter or sales representative from a simple text chat to the rich media collaboration via voice, video and desktop sharing that allows him to get the interest of the client by presenting its company product while they talk.

Simplicity of use is an advantage of the product, although its functions are complex and the sessions are highly secure. The program is designed in a way to optimize company's work with their online customers. Operators can simultaneously chat with multiple visitors and use or create canned responses, making customer service more efficient and faster than the conventional phone sales or support. As each chat is an important source of information about the clients' needs, expectations, problems, the chat transcript function can help a company to realize those and improve their offer.

The unique package of four internet communication tools allows its users to offer an even more complete online support service. You can read more about XLAB's unique pricing policy and try for free all four products on their website http://www.islonline.com.



About XLAB

XLAB is an RD company that develops easy-to-use, on-demand business applications for remote desktop support and access, web meetings and instant live chats. The products are bundled together in an 'All in One' pack to offer anyone - from small, midsized and big businesses, to individuals - an easier, new and secure way to access PCs, and collaborate with clients, partners and employees in real time. Besides, the ISL Online products enjoy a reputation of being extremely easy to set up and use, technologically superior, and above all, affordable.

ISL Online

http://www.islonline.com has been providing Internet communication services such as remote desktop support, remote access, live chats and online meetings since 2003. Currently to over 60,000 business users worldwide.

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