ETH Zurich Proved Einstein Right. As Usual Media Gets It Wrong.

I mpressive research conducted at ETH Zurich did show that quantum entanglement applies to even macroscopic quantum systems. In that case, superconducting Qbits. They did not show that Einstein was wrong or causality does not exist at the quantum level.  ...

Blog Post - Hontas Farmer - May 13 2023 - 11:19am

Neuromorphic Computing For Physics Applications

The recent developments in artificial intelligence, most notably the demonstration of the weird power of GPT4 and other large language models, have brought the scientific community to ponder on some very foundational questions- What is conscience? What is ...

Article - Tommaso Dorigo - May 21 2023 - 10:24am

A W, A Z, And A Top Quark

The world of elementary particles has something in common with our own: there are large inequalities in the properties of particles, as in the properties of human beings. The heaviest particle, the top quark, with its estimated mass of 172 GeV is five orde ...

Article - Tommaso Dorigo - Jun 3 2023 - 1:58am