On The Multiverse

I recently read a book by Martin Rees, "On the future". I found it an agile small book packed full with wisdom and interesting considerations on what's in the plate for humanity in the coming decades, centuries, millennia, billions of years. ...

Article - Tommaso Dorigo - Aug 24 2023 - 9:46am

A Visit To ICTS

The Indian Center for Theoretical Sciences is located in a rural area a few kilometers north of Bangalore, in southern India. Bangalore is a mid-sized city that saw a very big expansion in the past few years due to having become a center for the informatio ...

Article - Tommaso Dorigo - Sep 5 2023 - 6:06am

The Monte Carlo Method

These days I am in Paris, for a short vacation- for once, I am following my wife in a work trip; she performs at the grand Halle at la Villette (she is a soprano singer), and I exploit the occasion to have some pleasant time in one of the cities I like th ...

Article - Tommaso Dorigo - Sep 17 2023 - 9:15am