The competitors in this racing are introduced in the previous entry about Galileos inclined plane experiments Galileo And Relativity - But More About Inclined Planes And Fun Simulations, which perhaps have not been really performed, but which we can find in museums. I have also mentioned the simulations with PHUN. I have posed some questions, but nobody seemed to be challenged to answer them. But the topic is interesting, and it is useful for everyday life. 

Galileo had one application in mind: shooting projectiles at the enemy; this is not quite my motivation here. In his books, Galileo did not use many equations, but he introduced physics diagrams. They are fascinating because they are the first representations. Today we can also use more tools - in addition to experiments we can do simulations. 

So let us open the Great Galilean Race. 

Please, place your bets (you can only win some good feelings here, not much more) either below here in the comments ( and perhaps you will also give some good arguments for your bets ) or at the betting machine (well, it is rather a polling and scheduling site doodle) with the links below the start "photos". The runs are taken in PHUN on my macbook or my linux workstation. 

Semifinal A
Upper Track:  Little carriage (CAR)
Lower Track:  Red Cylinder  (CYL)
Semifinal B
Upper Track:  Loose disk on red cylinder  (LDISK)
Lower Track:  Blue disk bolted to cylinder  (BDISK)

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Please, place your bet here in comments
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Here are some pictures from the previous post, to remind us about how the competitors look in real life: the blue-ish one in one piece, and another one, the same mass (weight), but consists of two pieces, which are well oiled inside to have no friction there, inside of the green-ish yellow-ish disk (the colors have changed in translations)

Here we put them on the inclined rails:

Here we see the type of their motion due to the "colored smoke".

The CAR and the CYLinder do not need such introduction.