The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. As part of the commemoration of this event, the space shuttle Endeavour brought a version of it up to the International Space Station 15th November 2008.

Credit: NASA/JSC

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights will reside in the European Columbus laboratory of the space station.

Credit: ESA/NASA
A view of the European Columbus laboratory installed in its new home on the International Space Station.

When you read science sites and perhaps generally about space in media, you get the impression space activities are all about the science and technology. Well, it is not. Let us not forget how it started. As a highly political military race between the US and Soviet Union (Russia). Space is still first and foremost political. Why do you think China and India is focusing so much of their resources on this field?

I am therefore pleased to see that UN, together with NASA and ESA, decided to use the International Space Station and the shuttle program to make another type of political statement. :-)