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About Jess H. Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of British Columbia. Developer of and advocate for muon spin rotation/relaxation/resonance (µSR) at TRIUMF since 1973 (see http://musr.ca). Former Associate of Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Quantum Materials program. Winner of Killam Research Prize, Herzberg Medal from the CAP and Yamazaki Prize from ISMS (see http://musr.org). (Co)author of over 300 papers in refereed scientific journals. Blah blah blah... so everything I say should be taken seriously, eh? Let's be honest: the reason I set out to get a PhD in Physics was to acquire credibility as a SF author. I got carried away. Actually, µSR seduced me; it was a bit like being a character in my own novel. It was a great ride, but I am seriously out of practice at creative writing. :-( But... better late than never. Other stuff interests me too, more's the pity!
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