This is my first posting, and already I'm in trouble.  The pull-down menu for "Field" belies an excruciatingly conventional taxonomy of human endeavour.  If I want to deliver a critical comment on Economics, it'll have to go under "Random Thoughts".  Same with Sociology, Science Fiction, ... most everything I want to talk about now that I'm retired and no longer constrained to discuss only Physics.  I suppose I could just list everything as Physics, since that will always be my model for everything, but then no one would read any of it. 

I sympathize with the view that none of that stuff really qualifies as Science, but then all the more reason to talk about it here if we want to stir a little reason into the melting pot of ideas, eh?  I hope someone will explain to me how I'm missing the whole point of Science 2.0...  :-)

PS: Where should we put our SF short stories?  (Be nice, now!)