(I guess this goes in the "Science&Society" Field, or maybe just "Random Thoughts.")
Anyway, there's a short film coming out this summer, a promotional thing for the World Wildlife Fund, called "Astonish Me." It popped up in my news feed because the colossal squid is one of the many animals highlighted by the film. The director, Charles Sturridge, commented:
The thing that I like most is that we’re finding out fiction was right.  Jules Verne and all those sailors that talked about monsters in the sea weren’t completely making it up. They’re actually there.  Look at the colossal squid. It’s phenomenal. I think it’s incredible that animals that we thought only existed in our imagination are actually out there waiting to be found.
It's true, Jules Verne wasn't completely making it up! Just mostly making it up.

The best quote comes from the film's writer, Stephen Poliakoff:
It's extraordinary in the 21st Century there are so many animals out there that we're seeing or discovering for the first time. I was adrenalised when I found out just how much had been discovered over the past 10 years.
My initial reaction: no way is adrenalise a word. Are you kidding me? That's the fakest word ever. But then, I guess it is a wordWhatever

So is fakest.

All snark aside, I am keen to see this film. And if you don't remember what it looks like, here is a colossal squid:

Adrenalised yet?