It is unfortunate that whenever I have personal stuff to post as a blog here I have nothing else to choose as a tag than the uninformative "random thoughts"... I wish the posting interface in our beautiful site had a wider selection of tags, including ones such as "stuff that does not interest anybody but selected few", or "my own darn business". But perfection is not of this world, that is until Hank decides to work on his seventh day as well.

So here I am posting the progress of my diet, which I started about five weeks ago. I declared my intentions in a former post, and there I explained that I was hoping to settle on a 1200 calories/day intake, which would get me to lose about 100 grams a day of body mass. Unfortunately, my progress has been hampered by having to participate in the data taking at the CDF experiment, which entailed sitting for hours in the control room, with junk food unavoidably at arm's reach. (Note the anonymous comment in the last linked post, which hints at my failure to provide food for my shift crew - and my answer).

The result of a month or so of dieting is shown below: the CDF shift period is one with no data, just before the last three data points (I did not carry my scaler with me in the US!).  On the horizontal axis you have day units (the starting date in the plot is somewhere around 2002, and does not interest us here); on the vertical axis there is my body mass in kilograms. A straight-line fit is overimposed to the weight estimates.

The fit shows that since August 10th I have lost an average 57.1 grams a day. I attribute the modest result to the forced stop of the low-calories regime that I withstood during the first week and half of September. Nevertheless, I count on improving the trend in the near future. Stay tuned if you are so incredibly nosy as to be interested in such personal matters...