About Jigyasa MS Neuroscience, University of Massachusetts,Amherst MA Science Writing,University of Wisconsin-Madison A graduate student whose curiosity has landed her in trouble more than once. She has also romanced a lot of cells under the microscope. My neuroscience master's thesis was on sex differences in the brains of mice ( the birds and lots of bees). In general I'm psyched by anything to do with science & technology but behavioral neuroscience is extra-cool, especially when the biochemical underpinnings of a complex behavior are involved. The field also seems to be the "science zeitgeist" of the 21st century. After all, everything including our boredom with things and our interest in romantic love stems from the circuitry in our brains. Having switched to science writing, this contest was great to hear of and given that I'm graduating this December and looking for science writing internships anyway, the opportunity to blog at is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind. I'm also the current science editor at the UW-Madison daily student newspaper, The Daily Cardinal and worked previously for the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) science magazine Options. If I had my own column, it would be titled "The Jiggs-Boson" (in Spanish that would be the god particle itself). Comments are welcome,Thanks! As an aside, science humor is another great category on this site, especially when neurobiologists get to make fun of others - this poem below is one of the coolest ( The Fate of the Universe You physicists have become annoying You can't seem to make up your minds Did everything come from nothing Or was nothing all there was to find? What was that first singularity And what made it start to inflate? You say a vacuum is not really empty As long as energy potentiates? At time zero there was zero space But fluctuation took care of that Now there's space of an ill-defined shape That's full of live/dead cats. Continuing on you tell us That we're here cause CP ain't conserved I never thought of myself as a leftover This is becoming absurd. But the universe is here now At least part of it, I guess, How is it you can't find the dark matter To account for the missing mass? And what is this dark energy Permeating like a fog? Einstein was shamed by his fudge factor But you've brought it back in vogue. The news from Canada is distressing There are too few neutrinos from the sun But physicists aren't constrained by facts They'll make three neutrinos from one. So the Standard Model is in danger It's time for a paradigm shift, Well paradigm shift, shmaradigm pfffft, Will you guys please get over it. Any idea how the story will end? Big crunch, cold death, lost souls? Or a slipper slide to a new universe Through a slimy little worm hole? Which confirms my general suspicion That reality is just theory for this bunch Waves are particles, particles are strings, And the universe is the ultimate free lunch. Leslie C. McKinney, Ph.D. Neurobiologist copyright 2001
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