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Nightvid Cole
The Rambling Physicist
About Nightvid I am a physics graduate student at the University of Maryland at College Park*, expecting to get my PhD in 2013 or 2014. I got my undergraduate degree in Arkansas, and was for a time interested in classical and quantum gravity theory and the possibility of new experiments in gravity that could be carried out in a laboratory.

However, after following some debates on high-frequency gravitational wave detector physics, I became unconvinced that my original ideas were worth pursuing and eventually dropped that line of study entirely. I am now interested most in the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter at extremely high intensities, which allow observation of a wide range of fascinating new phenomena in atomic, plasma, and particle physics.

Hobbies outside of the stody of physics include chess, Go, and having long debates about certain political issues (Don't ask, or you could get me started!)

*Opinions and views expressed in my writings do not necessarily represent those of the University of Maryland, and may be in real or apparent contradiction with those of any other particular human being or any legally or societally recognized organization run by other humans.

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