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About Paul Itinerant student of the social sciences and analytic philosophy, my most recent stop was at Maharishi University of Management in the Psychology Department. Despite the scary name, the university has produced a lot of research on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation including publications in top academic journals, and allowed me to pursue my joint interests in Eastern spiritual traditions and the social sciences. Noting the challenges with the assimilation of the research inspired by a foreign tradition, I became interested in the topic of social paradigm change working on a model combining an Eastern model of levels of mind with Western research on ego development (Loevinger, et al.). Briefly I propose that personal paradigm changes involve ahamkara, the most fundamental level of individual mind in the Vedic and Buddhist traditions. Ahamkara roughly corresponds to the Western constructs of ego (Loevinger), self-system (Harry Stack Sullivan), and "Das ich" (Freud). The grand goal would be to not only understand why Pope Urban VIII put Galileo in jail, but to also understand how we might have kept Galileo out of jail in the first place. Health challenges brought on by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has interfered with this pursuit.
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