The catholic church has long lost its race against islamism for the religious institution with more adepts. And they ache for it: you can tell from their resentful remarks on the matter. Bishops and spokespersons of the Vatican have been recently reported to say that the data need to be verified, that the number of muslims is inflated, that there is no clear record... The fact is, the data come from the World Christian Database, a US institute which is hard to refute. In 2007 it already estimated muslims to beat catholics 1.322 to 1.115 billions.

Here is what I reported on the matter two years ago:

It is funny to see how the Vatican disagrees and exhibits a good dose of dialectic contorsions. Felix Machado, acting as a spokesman, explains that “statistics is not always accurate” for muslims, while the data of catholics is unquestionable: “we have certain data, with no error margin: every parish, even the farthest, records its baptized. We have the name of every one of our followers.[...] How can one say who is a buddhist and who is not ? Who is a muslim and who is not ?

Well, dear Felix, I have news for you. I have been baptized, but as far as I am concerned you cannot count on me. I hereby claim to reject catholic religion, in case it was not clear. As for the other 1,114,999,999, they will have to be asked again if they feel catholic or not. Start soon, it might take a while.

I am used to keep my word, although it is not always immediate to do it. This time it took me two years to find the stamina to investigate how to get un-christened, but I eventually did it. I can thus announce here today that I have officially taken the necessary steps which force the catholic church to accept that I do not belong to it any longer.

Should you need to follow my steps, just visit -it is an italian site, but they will be able to direct you to instructions in your mother tongue.