Today, having little inspiration to write anything original myself, I decided to have a look at what other sites held by colleagues or friends are dealing with. I offer below a few interesting links, with minimal commentary.

  • Peter Woit is always more informed than anybody else, with more precise data available earlier than anywhere else, on the status of the LHC project. I advise you to keep an eye on his blog in the near future.
  • Jester reports on the closing of an important low-mass gap in the parameter space of the Higgs boson, this time made possible by digging out of its burial site the ALEPH data. 
  • Kea discloses that a paper she submitted for blind review got accepted for publication: this flies in the face of the troubles that the Cornell ArXiv site posed in the past.
  • By the way, she also discloses that she is applying for post-doctoral positions. If you have one to fill on a research topic close to her interests, I highly recommend her.
  • Marco Frasca has an interesting post on the running coupling constant in QCD. Not for beginners, though.
  • Marco Delmastro reports on the LHC sabotage by a bird with a baguette. You may have heard it elsewhere, but this one is in Italian. Plus, it's from Marco.