Today CNN features a short video with an interview to Professor Nielsen, the mastermind behind the whole "Higgs comes back from the future to prevent its own creation" crap.  I wrote about the matter a couple of times in the past, and will not reiterate here that I think his suggestions to pull out cards from a deck to decide whether to carry on basic research with the LHC is a unmitigated pile of you know what.

What I am sorry to see, however, is that with so many exciting things to discuss, so many beautiful pieces of physics waiting to be broadcast to a large audience, with such brilliant minds just begging to be interviewed to spread their love for true Science, CNN manages to discuss french baguettes "dropped in the collider's inner workings" and how "one cannot help wondering" whether the future is influencing the past. As if to say, "We're sorry guys, but nonsense just sells much better".

It is mightily depressing. I believe humanity will not survive its own abysmal stupidity. It would take much more than a Higgs field from the future to save us.