The physics with LHC is becoming rapidly awesome, and being part of the CMS experiment and deeply involved in some technical aspects of the analyses (the statistical treatment of the data, and the control of the statistical claims of the scientific papers we publish) I find myself with more things to do in my agenda than I can possibly manage.

With less and less time in my hands to write, it is clear that the time I can spend on reading other people's blogs has sunk to zero. But this is not good at all - being a blog writer requires you to keep in touch with what other bloggers write on similar topics. I am of course talking about other sites -what goes on in science 2.0 here is at my fingertips as well as yours. Instead, let me give you a list of blogs I usually read and what is going on there.

  • Peter Woit indulges in a rant (his own definition) in a recent post titled "Is the multiverse immoral ?".
  • Marni Dee Sheppeard has a paper out on mirror neutrinos, as announced here
  • Marco Frasca continues to post highly informative pieces discussing the forefront of QCD, such as this one.
  • Jester reports on a intriguing result by CDF which even I failed to mention recently, an excess of boosted top quarks.