More reality programs, less hard science coverage, and when they do cover hard science it's watered down.  This is all true as the production values of the programs have increased while the science value has decreased.  
When the science channel started many years ago here are some of the shows they had. 
  • Skeptical Inquirer  - Cold hands off debunking of things like acupuncture.
  • Understanding - in depth hard core exposition of physics, chemistry, or biology.
  • A number of documentary series

One and a half to two years ago they had shows such as...
  • Myth Busters - Hot (usually singed by explosions or electricity) investigations of things like acupuncture, "magnet healing" and urban myth's.  
  • Survivor man
  • Hot rocks -geology
  • A number of documentary series and specials. 

Now(Their actual line up

  • How it's made
  • Popular science "the future of..." 
  • Beyond tomorrow
  • Mythbusters
  • Mantracker 
  • Survivorman
  • Weaponmasters
  • You catch it you keep it
  • Junkyard wars
  • The Universe
  • Various mostly one off documentaries (i.e. about Jan Hendrik Schon and his shenanigans).

Do you see what I mean?  The number of reality shows has increased year upon year and the hours of real science related programming has gone down.  How in the hell are Mantracker and "you catch it you keep it" science?  Mythbusters at least still tries to be science (and succeeds).  Survivorman and other "science of survival" type things are legit but Mantracker is really not that at all.  Now "You catch it you keep it" is so STTTUUUUUUPPIIIIIIIDDDD!!!!  It defies explanation!  I mean in that whole lineup there is only one show on "the science channel" which would have hard science.  Then if you watch that show that science is so watered down... it is the near beer of science.  Sci-Q Sunday's is no more, not that there was much there in the first place.  

Aside from the lower quantity and quality of science content there are fewer documentary series.  More and more one off one time documentaries as if the target audience is now one thought to have a shorter attention span.  

This all adds up to the channel that was for science being reduced to being little more than a dumping ground for those things that can't make it on the discovery channel weather they be science related or not.  Not to mention more shows that are about twisted metal in what could only be a play for the male 18-35 demographic.  Since the science channel can't just do what Spike TV does and have the blatantly sexual programming .... they have they have to begrudgingly keep a thin veneer of science over their attempt.   

Don't get me wrong, I liked Survivor man and Myth busters, they were a change of pace.  Now they have been so copied and so many derivatives have been produced that it's just too much.  Put that stuff on a different channel.