The exceptional Lie group and Lie Algebra F(4) in it's compact and real form may be the symmetry group associated with the theory of Quantum Space-Time Dynamics (see earlier article). In my studies of Gravity and physics in general what I have learned about one has augmented what I know about the other. My theory of Quantum gravity and Quantum Geometry has been developed based on what I knew at the times that I have formulated it. It's single postulate has remained constant. However as better and better computational methods have become known to me I have been able to improve on it. With each improvement I have been able to derive from a truly minimal set of axioms.... A formula for the Schwarzchild radius of a black hole A formula which predicts the possible space-time path's an object could take in a quantum mechanical way. A formula which models the interaction of a falling neutron with earth's gravitational field and compares favourably with experiments performed in Grenoble France. A formula which when interpreted into the classical regime gives results for the long range effects of gravity which are along the lines of Beckensteins TeVeS. Which posibly negate the need for massive amounts of dark mass/energy. and much more. My hope is that by applying theory of Lie groups and Lie algebra's to this problem I can make new discoveries. So why F(4)? F(4) in it's real form looks interesting. This form is compact and simple. It is the isometry group of a 16 dimensional Riemannian manifold called the Octonic Projective Pane. The Lattice associated with F(4) is a 4 dimensional body centred cubic. These are all things that lead me to think that F(4) symmetries (perhaps with some parts modded our or some other group produced in) are the symmetry group which applies to my theory. In my theory all the objects are 4x4 real matrices. Each having 16 not necessarily independent elements. The notion of space-time I have used to construct my theory uses that of a lattice as a thinking tool. (I personally dont think space time is literally a lattice of points...but all we can every hope to measure is points separated by no less that he Planck length.) I have nothing concrete now however this is all very interesting. Perhaps more than coincidental? This is all very preliminary right now. However in the coming weeks or month's I may have some very exciting and interesting results. Stay Tuned!