The result of my research into F(4) symmetry and my theory of Quantum Space-Time Dynamics.

Month's ago I wrote of my interest in researching the exceptional lie group and algebra F(4) in relation to the theory of Quantum Space-Time Dynamics.  I now have my results.  The investigation was pretty standard and not surprising.  Intuition told me that the fields in my theory, which I wrote down years before I really knew about quantum field theory, had this symmetry.  What did surprise me and disturb me was when I considered what the conserved current due to the F(4) symmetry is.  Noether's theorem tell us that a continuous symmetry of the Lagrangian will induce a conserved current.  

What I found that was that space-time is a conserved current in this theory.  This makes sense at second glance.  Physics as we know of it knows no interaction that destroys or creates space-time (other than whatever happened at the big bang.)   Even a classical standard black hole does not destroy space time.  It is simple a place where mass-energy has warped space time.  

I am not done with this line of research.  My next line of inquiry will be to examine what this quantum field theoretical development of this theory predicts about particle interactions when those interactions happen at the planck scale or when strong gravity is present.  

I would like to take this opportunity to request assistance in getting a paper on this topic into the archive.  I need someone willing to endorse it.  I would not be disappointed to get no response to this request as my ideas are radical and new and I am what I am.  I merely wish to be on record as having discovered this and for that discovery to illuminate the minds of other scientist. Please see the attached documents for a PDF of the mathematica notebook file I wrote this up in. Upon request I can furnish the actual notebook file.