This is yet another baloney false prophecy from Paul Begley. This is scaring people I help to the point of being suicidal and having serious impacts on their lives. If any of you are journalists for the Sun or the Daily Express or the other papers who are running this story - you know that it is not true, that your stories are just click bait nonsense. Please consider the impact of your stories on suicidal people.. Thanks!

There is nothing here to be scared of. This story is utter bullshit, baloney, codswallop. It is nothing to do with Mayans; it is not Christian; it is nothing, just made up story by a perennial false prophet.

World will NOT end days before Christmas

NOT Mayan calendar

Baloney from Perennial false prophet

This another article I'm writing to support people we help in the Facebook Doomsday Debunked group, that find us because they get scared, sometimes to the point of feeling suicidal about it, by such stories.

Do share this with your friends if you find it useful, as they may be panicking too.


I will go into detail soon, but this is a short summary:

This date is harmless because the winter solstice (or shortest day of the year) on 21st December will not harm you in any way - and a false prophet's birthday (or any other person's birthday), planets close together in the sky, and calendar dates are all as harmless as a daisy

I often get asked - how can you know that a false prophecy won’t happen? Well - it’s not through some better more accurate true prophecy. There are many things you can know about the future, but you don't know these things through God telling you, or through seeing the future directly yourself.

You can know that day will follow night, night follow day. That winter, spring and summer will follow autumn. You can know that if you drop something that is heavier than air it will fall, but if you let go a helium balloon it will float upwards.

These are things you can know without any ability to see the future. You know that the helium balloon will float upwards, not because you saw forwards to the future before you let go of the string, but because you know this is what happens to helium balloons when you let go of the string.

A golfer who hits a golf ball and then sees that it is going to land in the green while it is still in flight, soon after it leaves their club, is not a prophet. They are just predicting the future based on knowing how the world works.


Based on this I assure you you won’t die of any of these false prophecies. Yes totally. Not because I can see the future. Because there is nothing here that can harm anyone in any way.

False prophecies




as daisies

Image from here

So - try to link into that same basic understanding of the world that you have when you know that day follows night or night follows day. To be grounded, not get caught up in this world of prophetic bullshit.

Paul Begley tells you that the world will end because

  1. His birthday is on this date - you don’t die of other people’s birthdays. Birthdays are not dangerous
  2. Because Jupiter and Saturn will be close together in the sky - this happens every 20 years. People don’t die of this. It is not dangerous
  3. Because it is the shortest day of the year - again the shortest day happens every year - it’s the shortest day in the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the southern hemisphere. You won’t die of this. It is not dangerous. It is followed by a slightly longer day and then a longer day and eventually in the summer you get the longest day
  4. Because it is a new Baktun in the Mayan calendar - the Mayan calendar’s 13th Baktun happened over 7 years ago. You can’t die of a new Baktun, no more than you can die of a new day. A new date in any calendar is not dangerous.

The last day of the 13th Baktun was followed by the first day of the 14th Baktun. The Mayans never said anything would happen, they just celebrated it much as we celebrate New Year or a new millennium.

As you might guess, it is only the latest of many such celebrations every 400 Mayan years. Each of their years is 18 months of 20 days, so, only 360 days so their years are much shorter so it is less than 400 of our years.

The Mayans don’t have leap years. The Mayan “new year” drifts around the solar year, so in Guatemala where they live, it’s sometimes in the rainy season, winter, and sometimes the dry season, summer. So a new Baktun can start anywhere in the year sometimes summer, sometimes winter.

The next one happens in 2407, with the end of the 14th Baktun, then a bit under 400 years later again is the 15th, then the 16th Baktun eventually reaching the first Piktun in 4772 AD.

For details of how their calendar works, and also how Mayans themselves understand a new Baktun, see my draft here:

You won’t die of any of this. A new Baktun is not dangerous and won’t harm you in any way.

Also, the Mayans didn’t use dates like our 2012. They didn’t write “2012” by mistake meaning “2020”.

For them it was the 13th Baktun each of around 400 years which made our year 2012 their year 5200 (13*400) except they wrote it as 13.0.0 in their unusual notation system - they used base 20, except that for the days in the year, they used 18 months each of 20 days.

Their year 2012 in our notation was over 900 BC. That’s because 2012 is 5 * 400 + 0 * 20 + 12, or 5.0.12 You can convert their 5.0.12 (or 2012) into a date in our Gregorian system here: Mayan Long Count Calendar Calculator to get Sep 24, 1131 BC.

Mayan 5.0.12,, or. 2012 Mayan years from the start of their calendar on 11th August, 3114 BC

This calculation shows that the first day of the Mayan year 2012 is Sept 24, 1131 BC in our Gregorian calendar


You can’t die of any of this. Dates are not dangerous. Dates can’t harm you.

Here is today’s date in many different calendars as of writing this (12th November 2020)

As of writing this it is:

  • 2013 in the Ethiopian calendar.
  • 13.0.8 in the Mayan calendar - they are using base 20 for their years, and so that actually means the year 5208
  • 229 years since the French revolution in the French revolutionary calendar.
  • 1442 in the Islaamic calendar
  • 5781 in the Hebrew calendar,
  • 1399 in the Persian calendar,
  • 1737 in the Coptic calendar,
  • 3186 in the Discordian calendar,
  • 2020 in both Gregorian and Julian calendars, and
  • Cycle 78, year 37 in the Chinese calendar.

Each of those have new Baktuns, Cycles, Millennia etc at different times.

You will never die of the date flipping over to a new millennium in any of these calendars.


To worry about something happening to the world at the 13th Baktun, or any calendar date, is like worrying that you will die or your car vanish when your milometer moves over to 100,000 miles

see this video

(click to watch on Youtube)

All that happens after you reach the milometer reading 100,000 is that it then goes on to 100,001, 100,002 etc.

It is the same with calendars.

Nothing happens to the Earth when the next Baktun or millennium ticks over in any of the many calendars used by humans on our planet


The Mayans predicted eclipses but those are easy to predict through patterns it's a bit like predicting winter and summer, they don't need to know how it works.

Not that easy, it took ancient cultures a long time to spot the complex patterns. But basically it is noticing patterns and predicting the same pattern continues in the future.

We now know exactly how and why eclipses happen and can predict them to the minute or even the second and say exactly where you need to stand to get the best view of a solar eclipse. The Mayans weren't able to do anything remotely like that.

So - they had good astronomical knowledge for their time but in no way superior over our understanding of astronomy

They didn't have telescopes, didn't have computers and didn't have the maths we had, no calculus, no understanding of the physics, didn't know the Earth orbited the sun. Like all ancient peoples they thought the Earth was flat. They didn't know the distances to planets or the sun or the moon.

So they did a good job given how little they actually knew.

They didn't know Earth was a planet. They didn't know asteroids existed.

The very idea of a celestial object hitting Earth probably wouldn't have made sense to them.

They thought in terms of Mayan gods not physics.


This is from one of the few modern descendants of the original Mayans. He is also a debunker in our group “Doomsday Debunked”

So, as a Puerto Rican male with who is Maya Kʼicheʼ (One of the few modern descendants of the original Mayans) on my maternal grandfather's side I would like to add my own two words to this whole deal in hopes that it help some of the members here: No, the Mayan did not foretell the end of the world in any way whatsoever.

To make a long and rather interesting yet complex story short, The Mayan apocalypse predictions arise from a misunderstanding of the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar, which wraps up a 400-year cycle called a b'ak'tun. On Dec. 21, 2012, the day of the winter solstice just so happens to be the 13th b'ak'tun in the calendar, a benchmark the Maya would have seen as a full cycle of creation.

A Cycle. In other words, my grandfather's people had a cyclical view of time and would not have seen the end of their calendar cycle as the end of the world. It wasn't until people began reinterpreting the calendar in the past couple decades that it got its apocalyptic overtones.

It be like saying the end of the world comes every day at 12.00 Am at Midnight because its "the end of the day". To us of Mayan decent it comes as being THAT silly and out of left field that so many people believed (My grandfather, on the other hand had a far harsher language about the...gullibility of people who believed it, lets just say).

I don't think I ever saw my grandfather as absolutely disdainfully furious at someone as when people CONSTANTLY talked to him about this- "idioteses inconsevibles de la gente blanca" [inconsequential idiots of white people] were the least insulting words he had for those who believed this. No, the Mayan did not prophesy the end of the world.

Yes, ask a Maya Kʼiche about it they will either look detachedly amused at your foolishnes, or outright exasperated that people STILL believe this. My own older sister still rolls her eyes so hard i fear they are going to fall off when she encounters people that used to believe this.

Here is small secondary anecdote that might help you calm down : my grandfather (may he rest in peace) was FURIOUS at the though of how many people would fall prey to the whole 2012 Doomsday thing and how in his own words-

"Los jodios idiotas del norte estan jodiendo con algo que no entienden de mi cultura para crear miedo. Carajo que un rayo los parta a todos por crear tanto miedo falso".

["The fucking idiots of the north are fucking with something they don't understand from my culture to create fear. Damnnit, may lighting strike them all for creating so much false fear"]

He was deeply insulted at how this whole idea of doomsday spread and deeply saddened about how many people it infused with fear. I remember him being viscerally insulted when the film came out-

"para esto usan la tierra de mis abuelos? Para crear terror?".

[ "For this they use the land of my grandparents? To create terror?"]

To this day I will always remember those words. The film 2012 is nothing other than a Blockbuster Disaster Movie and a pretty damn stupid one capitalizing on a fear created by people who understood absolutely nothing of what they where talking about but just wanted to make a quick buck on the hype.

From Mayans (be it their incredible culture, their beautiful traditions or their amazing lore) you have absolutely nothing to worry about and anything that has to do with the famed 2012 Doomsday is pure fabrication that really ticked off the whole community.

Hopeful that these words might help everyone who is just a little bit afraid feel much better and 100% open to talk about my maternal's grandfather's culture if you need to.

On the idea of linking it with the Gregorian / Julian calendar

To the Mayans we are still barely in new 14th b'ak'tun cycle and as explained said cycles do not in any way talk about the end of the world and linking it to a 100% different Calendar is not ONLY blatantly foolish and beyond ridiculous but it makes no darn logical sense whatsoever.


The date for the Mayans was, and we can figure out what date that means from their dates e.g. for eclipses which we know about. We also use carbon dating. Also the Mayans survived - many fled into the mountains when the Spanish conquered them, and then they came back down and intermarried and are part of modern culture in latin America with a mix of Christian and Mayan beliefs.

The surviving Mayans still use the ancient Mayan calendar.

The generally accepted start date for the calendar is 11th August, 3114 BC. This is nothing to do with birth of Jesus.

There are many other options discussed by scholars, from 2594 BC through to 3392 BC. Some differ by centuries in the start date of the long count. However the widely accepted GMT standard (Goodman-Martinez-Thompson) used by modern Mayans today has also been verified independently with carbon dating.

By the GMT standard, December 21, 2012 was the start of the Mayan 13th Baktun.

That was December 8, 2012 in the Julian calendar (due to Julius Caeser)
(Calendar Converter ) and December 12, 2005 in the Ethiopian calendar which uses a different year for the birth of Jesus (Ethiopian Calendar Converter)

Here are modern Mayans celebrating the start of the 13th Baktun.

(click to watch on Youtube)

Here are some more clips from the same Mayan ceremony in Guatemala, by modern Mayans held on December 21, 2012.

(click to watch on Youtube)

Stuart, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin (, put it like this in 2012:

"The Maya never, ever, said anything about the world ending at any time — much less this year. So, it's sort of bizarre to be living through this time right now, when so many people seem to be worked up."

(click to watch on Youtube)


Paul Begley has made many false predictions. He prophecies the world to end just about every week of the year.

. Another BS false prophecy from Paul Begley goes viral - “Debris field” about to hit Earth???? Bullshit and baloney

. Why you shouldn't listen to any of the predictions of Paul Begley or other Doomsday bullshitters

. No, the world is not going to end during the next lunar eclipse (‘blood moon’) - Paul Begley at it again

. Pastor Paul Begley’s latest false prophecy

He is a very bizarre false prophet. People like Pastor Begley would be thrown out of any established church after just one of his YouTube videos - it would be a huge scandal if a Catholic or Anglican or Presbyterian or Methodist or Baptist or - any kind of Christian denomination pastor said the things Paul Begley says in any one of his dozens of videos every year.

But because he belongs to a non denominational church run by three pastors who don't answer to anyone else he can go online and tell people to buy gold from one particular non notable gold investment company (very bad advice in a pandemic when gold prices are artificially high), and warn them that we are about to have a zombie apocalypse, and that aliens are about to invade Earth and that Earth will be destroyed with every lunar or solar eclipse.

He can say the most ridiculous stuff and there is nobody in his small church to say he is wrong because he is in charge of what it can say.

And not a word about love your neighbour, kindness, patience. He must know that his videos make some people suicidal - yet not a word to support them, just tells them to buy gold. Indeed that is his main message, repeated many times, starts nearly every video with a few minutes of doing his utmost to persuade you to buy gold.

This is Paul Begley's main message:.

"The world is going to end [next week, next month, laer this year] so buy gold! buy Gold! buy GOLD!"

Very bizarre.


It is no wonder that some members hate these false prophets - though it might be more appropriate for a Christian to be sorry for them and to feel pity towards them and to hope he finds a path towards true Christianity or basic human values at least of compassion, kindness, etc.

We are constantly helping people who are made scared, even suicidal by these false prophets who impact on their lives for months on end.

It is understandable if some members get angry at them.

But this is not the face of Christianity in its true form.

Please try to realize this. That Christianity is a religion of love, compassion, kindness, patience, and that the people who we hear about who claim to be Christian and scare members with their false prophecies have lost their way.

You get mischievous and mistaken people like this in all religions (there are mischievious people in Buddhism too, my own religion) and also they can call themselves humanists, or communists or any "ism" and be like this too.

However the solution isn't to ban religion or ban communism, or ban capitalism, or ban democracy or whatever ideology or ism you think the problem is.

To do that is another ism, a "ban everything I don't like" ism - a kind of authoritarianism.

We need to learn to live together and work together and there is much that is good in all the great systems of thought and religion in the world and if we focus on what we have in common that's good, wholesome, valuable we can be much more effective as we work together.

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