Nobody who ran this story even bothered to glance at a sky chart. The false claim is that the sun, moon and Jupiter will all be in Virgo on April 23. So what you might say? Well the end of the world apparently?! But actually none of them will be in that constellation, not only that, no other planet will be passing "in" Virgo on that date either.

It’s a good way of locating some of the news sources that have no systems in place to filter out fake doomsdays.  They just went

copy / paste / publish

They copied the details of the story over from the red top tabloids trash newspapers in the UK such as the Daily Express, without even bothering to look at a sky chart. If anyone runs this story cross them off your list of reliable news sources on such topics. They have no system in place to check their stories for accuracy of astronomy, science, or religion for that matter either. They can't do or they wouldn't run this story.

That includes Fox news, Ladbible, Daily Mail, Daily Express (originated it), Sun, etc etc. 

The claim is that there will be an astrological sign in the heavens on April 23 as a "sign" of the end of the world. 

Planets moving "through" the constellations are of no more significance than a plane flying in front of the moon. The plane isn't literally "in" the moon, it's just a line of sight effect, and it's the same for planets moving in front of distant constellations.

There is no evidence at all that the Bible has hidden astrological signs in it, the opposite. There are no planets mentioned anywhere in the Bible or any constellations of the Zodiac and the main passages it has about astrology are warnings against its use. For more details see:

This idea of the planets in Virgo is a rehash of his Sept 23 false prophecy

This is how Fox News reports it:

“David Meade tells the U.K.'s Daily Express newspaper that on April 23, the sun and moon will be in Virgo, as will Jupiter, which represents the Messiah.”

Biblical prophecy claims the Rapture is coming April 23, numerologist says

It’s a spectacular fail, not one naked eye planet,or the sun or moon is in Virgo on that date. The moon is in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, and the sun in Ares!

Shows the Moon in Cancer, Venus in Taurus, Sun in Ares, Mercury in Cetus, close to Pisces, for 2 pm on April 23 for sky as seen from 0 N 0 E on the Heavens Above sky chart.

Mars and Saturn in Sagitarius, Jupiter in LIbra. No planets in Virgo highlighted in blue. For 2 am on 23rd April for sky as seen from 0 N 0 E on the Heavens Above sky chart.

It’s also bizarre to suggest both the Sun and Moon would be in the same constellation on April 23. That’s just after the first quarter, so the moon will be more than a quarter of the way around the sky from the sun on April 23 see moon phases. They can only be in the same constellation at new moon

I don’t know if they have quoted him correctly, I can’t find an article by David Meade saying this. The earliest I find is this article: End of the World on April 23, 2018: Shock Bible prophecy warns The Rapture is COMING from 2017. If that article is dated correctly it may be an old prediction of David Meade’s. It is also possible that someone made up that story and attributed it to him - the red top tabloids don’t give sources to say where they got a story from.

For some reason the red top tabloids, who will print any trash for clicks and views, often run David Meade's stories. Not so much now but last autumn the Daily Express particularly would run several stories about him every day, in the run up to September 23.

They never check anything, as that shows.

And Fox News do too, shame on them! Repeating trash from the UK red top tabloids, and again clearly, they don’t check anything either, don’t even bother to look up the planets on a sky chart.

Stuff like this would be embarrassing used to wrap fish from a fish and chips shop back in the days when they were served in old newspapers.

It comes hot on the heels of his failed prophecy for 11th April of this year. It's his modus operandi, as soon as one prophecy fails he immediately makes a new one.

And he is the chap who prophesied all sorts of bizarre things last autumn including North America splitting into two halves, East and West with a great gap of sea between the two halves, He also prophesied Trump and Pence levitated (literally) into the clouds to join Jesus in heaven, along with a billion, Christians and many other bizarre things. Remember any of that happening? He can’t get out of these false prophecies by claiming others misquoted him because it is all sourced to articles he wrote himself.


The lesson to learn from this is not to trust either Fox News or the Daily Express in this topic area, or any of the others who ran this story. That they ran it shows that they publish total trash without checking a word of it!


That’s just a few. Dozens of sites uncritically published it with copy / paste / publish with no fake news checks.


Satirical treatment - joking at other papers for publishing it


The problem is they scroll down through the "news" for the day on their mobile devices and read a story saying the world is going to end on 23rd April or whatever, and they believe this, because it is there, in Google news, or Apple news, or Facebook trending, in a news aggregate they have come to trust.

Many of you may not know, but David Meade's 23rd September "prophecy" was a previous "end of the world" date that got many people really scared. Some in hospital even, and a lot of them needing help from health professionals for anxiety, panic attacks, and so on. Quite a few were suicidal over those stories. Many of them children and adults who had never been scared like that before in their lives. More scared than many of us have probably been in our entire lives.

It was just awful - I was one of the people they contacted as a result of my debunking articles and because I've set up a Facebook group to help people scared of fake doomsdays. I was answering PM's from them from when I woke up in the morning until when I went to sleep at night and would wake up to many scared PM's from people who tried to contact me while I was asleep. Very scared and sometimes suicidal. It was just awful!

It is still going on. There are several of us in the group spend hours every day helping scared and sometimes suicidal people, often young children or young adults, often receiving help from medical professionals, but it's not enough for them and we complement that help by debunking the stories for them. I still spend much of every day answering PM's and commenting on posts from scared people who are terrified the world is about to end, often as a result of reading one of these stories. And those are the people who find us. How many thousands of children must be panicking right now who haven't found a debunking group to help them? How many are actually contemplating suicide? At least some almost surely by our experiences. Are some of them actually attempting suicide right now?


There's a lot of pressure on social networks nowadays to reduce sharing of fake news. But what about the journalists who originate them? Surely even the sensationalist press don't want to make their readers have panic attacks and to become suicidal? This happens all to often to young children scared by these doomsday stories, which they often find on their mobile devices scrolling through the "news".


You can also immediately dismiss any “news” story that features the imaginary bullshit planet “Nibiru” (those are Brian Cox’s words).

An orbit like that of Nibiru is inconsistent with modern astronomy. David Morrison, NASA space scientist explains that after just one previous flyby of Earth, such as they claim happened in Sumerian times, Earth itself would no longer be in its current near circular orbit and would be likely to have lost its Moon. A brown dwarf has even worse effects, being much heavier. He also points out that it would be one of the brightest naked eye objects in the night sky months before a flyby. Everyone would see it. And any planet sized object would be an easy target for an amateur astronomer, well beyond Pluto.

Here is David Morrison explaining this.

Nibiru does not exist - David Morrison

He is senior NASA space scientist and astrobiologist, known for his work on asteroid impacts and he headed the Sagan Institute at SETI until 2014, he also used to answer questions from the public for NASA’s “Ask an Astrobiologist” which is how he came across the ‘Nibiru’ myth.

This is for 2012 but it is the same for any of these dates.

In more detail have a listen to this podcast from the SETI institute with David Morrison on it with others: Skeptic Check Nibiru Again

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