No - MRNA Vaccines Do Not Rewrite Your DNA Or RNA

The WHO and the CDC are using the exact same safety protocol for mRNA as for any vaccine - they...

World Will NOT 'End' Days Before Christmas 2020 - NOT Mayan Calendar - More Baloney From Perennial False Prophet

This is yet another baloney false prophecy from Paul Begley. This is scaring people I help to...

No Realistic Possibility Of False Vacuum Decay - Your Questions Answered By An Expert - Dr Tommi Markkanen

Dr Tommi Markkanen, an expert on the False Vacuum has kindly answered these questions in an...

Bill Gates Will NOT And CANNOT Inject Us With A Microchip In A Vaccine - Fails Basic Fact Check

Bill Gates doesn't make vaccines. There are now 176 vaccines from many different countries, thirty...

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The false vacuum collapse is about a remote possibility, not just billions of years in the future, so far in the future that all the stars in the night sky have run out of fuel, long before.

There is no realistic possibility at present, or for billions of years, and it is of no concern.

Text: Can’t be here (instability)
Can’t realistically tunnel for billions of years even without new physics (meta-stability)
May be here Could still be absolutely stable with present physics (Absolute stability)
Many ways we may be here (lots of physics still to understand) (Absolute stability)

The WHO have been hugely misreported by the media. Mike Ryan said that if we develop a safe and effective vaccine for COVID19 we also have to deploy it. We can do this. If we vaccinate enough people to eradicate this virus, it is a "beacon of hope" for the way we care about our world citizens.

Mike Ryan points out that we have a safe and effective vaccine for measles but haven't eliminated it from the world although we know how to do this.

[We have eradicted it from the Americas, last case July 2015 in Brazil. Measles elimination in the America]

Many experts have called on the UK to rejoin the rest of the world in solidarity to test, trace and isolate. My petition to the UK government has just been approved (as of April 24th).

Any UK citizen can sign it. The petition says:

Petition: Take immediate action to find and isolate COVID-19 cases and recent contacts

The World Health Organization has recommended that countries test every suspected case of COVID19, and isolate and treat every confirmed case. It also recommends that they trace every contact and isolate those for 14 days. We call on the UK government to do all these things.

The proposal is to select a small town of 200,000 people. While the rest of the UK follows the exit strategy proposed by the government, this small town will experimentally use a much stricter strategy. Everyone in the town gets tested for Covid-19 - whether they have symptoms or not. This is voluntary but they assume 90% compliance.

Letter with signatures here:

Article in the Lancet:

The authors sent this proposal to the UK government on the 10th April.

We need to protect our health workers and find a way to fix this serious gap in personal protection equipment in the UK.

The survey was open over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend – from Friday 10 April until Monday 13 April 2020.

Dr Nisreen Alwan tweets :

In the UK prince Charles, Matt Hancock and others who get COVID-19 isolate for only 7 days. Yet the WHO say to isolate until all the symptoms resolve plus 14 days.

25 professors of public health, virology, immunology etc have signed a letter asking the UK government to share the evidence for their much shorter isolation period.

The long isolation period for COVID-19 should come as no surprise after SARS. For SARS the isolation period required by the CDC in the US is until 10 days after the resolution of fever, provided respiratory symptoms are absent or improving