Congo Basin Peat Bank - NOT Lungs - No Impact On Breathing - One Of The Most Intact Tropical Rainforests And We Are Saving It

This was potentially a good article by the BBC except that sadly it used an absurd click bait...

First Public Comments On NASA’s Draft Plans To Keep Earth Safe For Its Mars Sample Return In 2033 - Now Closed For Commenting

This was an opportunity for the public to give your feedback to NASA about their Mars sample...

Masks Show Kindness To Others - No Masks: Let Others See Your Smile - Masks: Save Others From Ambulances - Eyes Can Smile Too

Do be careful, masks, distancing, get vaccinated, ventilation, avoid crowded places, test, trace...

Why We Can't Just Let Omicron Spread - Urban Legend That Viruses Evolve Naturally To Be Mild - Need To Control With #DOITALL

Some news stories suggest that if Omicron is mild it is a “blessing in disguise&rdquo...

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The WHO and the CDC are using the exact same safety protocol for mRNA as for any vaccine - they have speeded development up by risking money not lives.

The mRNA vaccines are very clean vaccines. They don't do anything to the cell DNA. They are instructions to make the spike of the protein, your body then fights off the spike and then the mRNA and the spike are gone and all that is left is the memory of how to fight the disease.

The spikes can't harm you as they can't infect by themselves, they need the virus attached to them- they don't have instructions needed to tell a cell to make more spikes. So once the original mRNA is gone and the spikes are gone there is nothing left except the memory of how to fight them.

This is yet another baloney false prophecy from Paul Begley. This is scaring people I help to the point of being suicidal and having serious impacts on their lives. If any of you are journalists for the Sun or the Daily Express or the other papers who are running this story - you know that it is not true, that your stories are just click bait nonsense. Please consider the impact of your stories on suicidal people.. Thanks!

There is nothing here to be scared of. This story is utter bullshit, baloney, codswallop. It is nothing to do with Mayans; it is not Christian; it is nothing, just made up story by a perennial false prophet.

Dr Tommi Markkanen, an expert on the False Vacuum has kindly answered these questions in an email interview:

1. Does a false vacuum decay due to quantum tunneling have a realistic chance happening in my lifetime or already be on its way?

The answer is a resounding ‘no’. I’m assuming the question is referring specifically to the Standard Model of particle physics for which the likelihood of such an event can be reliably estimated as all input parameters are known to high accuracy. The probability of vacuum decay as predicted by the Standard Model is so mindbogglingly small that in every practical sense there is no chance of this happening.

Bill Gates doesn't make vaccines. There are now 176 vaccines from many different countries, thirty four of those already in clinical trials and eight in phase 3. Some may be approved soon, and none are made by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation does provide funding for some vaccines. In particular they are amongst the funders for the vaccine alliances GAVI and COVAX, the vaccine pillar of the “Access to COVID19 Tools” ACT accelerator.

The false vacuum collapse is about a remote possibility, not just billions of years in the future, so far in the future that all the stars in the night sky have run out of fuel, long before.

There is no realistic possibility at present, or for billions of years, and it is of no concern.

Text: Can’t be here (instability)
Can’t realistically tunnel for billions of years even without new physics (meta-stability)
May be here Could still be absolutely stable with present physics (Absolute stability)
Many ways we may be here (lots of physics still to understand) (Absolute stability)

The WHO have been hugely misreported by the media. Mike Ryan said that if we develop a safe and effective vaccine for COVID19 we also have to deploy it. We can do this. If we vaccinate enough people to eradicate this virus, it is a "beacon of hope" for the way we care about our world citizens.

Mike Ryan points out that we have a safe and effective vaccine for measles but haven't eliminated it from the world although we know how to do this.

[We have eradicted it from the Americas, last case July 2015 in Brazil. Measles elimination in the America]