I found this song in a playlist that an ex had given me; for some reason, I don't ever remember hearing it. Maybe if I had, we'd still be together- who knows? In any case, here it is, Josh Ritter, singing "Stuck to You". He's dreamy, in a real sciency way. *swoon!*

Here are the lyrics: (video follows the lyrics- one live version, the other is the recorded version)

Well there's one thing Mama, I think you should know
That it's not Love, that makes the flowers grow
But a complex electron transfer process known as photosynthesis when chlorophyll reacts with the light of day
Since you're gone, the light has gone away

Oh there's one more thing Mama, I think that you'll find
That it's not Love, that makes the stars shine
But the spontaneous combustion of super heated and super condensed gasses in the process known as fusion that creates new
elements when the time is right
Since you're gone, stars don't shine so bright

Oh there's another thing Mama, I think I should confide
That's it's not Love that will turn the tide
But the net difference in the gravitational pull between the Earth and the Moon as it is acted out upon the waves
Since you're gone, I feel washed away

I could of been a mathematician
Studied rockets for a livin'
Would'a worked out better in the end
But to get more specific I'd break every law of physics
To bring you back to me again

Well there's one more thing, I'll tell you if I can
It is not Love, that makes a non-stick frying pan
But a top-secret, trademarked, conglomerated, most likely carcinogenic, polyurethane compound spread in a micro-thin
substance, over a negatively charged layer of aluminum, copper, iron, lead, VHS, FYI, apple pie, FBI, and some other elements

Since you're gone, I wish I'd stuck to you