You know you are culturally hip when magazines want to do their photo shoots with you in them - the poor Tea Party folks clearly have to get some representation in midtown Manhattan if they want to get haute couture coverage.

Until then, Occupy Wall Street is the cool place to be solely for well-heeled fashionistas.  Kanye West looked silly showing up in a $300 shirt and gold chains to show he was not part of the 1%, even though his net worth is $400 million dollars.   His problem was he was too humble - if you want to go full on into progressive acceptance you have to shamelessly plop your highly paid models in their $3,000 suits in front of the protesting masses and pretend they belong.  Confidence sells.

The newest issue of Vice Magazine lets toney suburbanites embrace their inner occupiers, without the messy smells, violence and freakish conspiracy theories of the real thing.

Vice says it is not being all Marie Antoinette ridiculous and that they are actually making fun of the people who buy the clothes they are advertising.  That's right, it isn't shameless exploitation if an editor claims they are selling overpriced clothes as an ironic indictment of consumer culture. Instead it is a searing criticism of income inequality - that model isn't wearing a pocket square! Where has America gone wrong??

Dior Homme suit, Ben Sherman shirt and tie, Calvin Klein socks, Rockport shoes. Oh, and caviar. And semi-homeless guys wearing dreadlocks. Photo link: Ben Ritter, Vice Magazine

H/T Maura Judkis, Washington Post style writer