Is stating 'DIY' and 'Craft' redundant?  Perhaps, but the main story is about the cooler, hipper NASA teaming up with Etsy.  The premise: make a NASA-y shuttle-related artwork or handicraft and you can both sell it and win prizes.  They even use a pun for the title:  "NASA and Etsy present the 2010 Space Craft Contest"

You can even sell your work... but then you have to be able to recreate it if you win the 'will fly it on the Space Shuttle' prize. There's over 360 submissions already, with all entries due by November 2, 2010. You don't have to have an Etsy shop (though you do have to live in the US), so it's very open.  Their spec:
1. CREATE an original, handmade artistic item inspired by the NASA Space Shuttle Program and space exploration.

2. LIST the item you create in your Etsy shop during the contest entry period, October 12 – November 2, 2010.

3. TAG your item listing with one of the following contest tags that best describes your creation (“SpaceCraft” + category of entry)
    "SpaceCraft2DOrig" for 2D original art (painting, drawing, hand-pulled print, mixed media or flat collage)
    "SpaceCraft2DRepro" for 2D art reproduction (a photograph or computer-generated print)
    "SpaceCraft3D" for 3D art of any size or material (anything not 2D)
I'm very tempted to submit the Calliope flight spare as "SpaceCraft3D", which could lead to an interesting recursion: flying a satellite on a shuttle as a non-satellite art work.

I could drastically undersell the 'Classic Rocket Artifact" (a 9.9 inches tall rocket model costing $70,000, plus $1000 shipping), and I'm earlier similar to but far more 3D than "FlashHarp" (a poster of an harmonica containing a USB keydrive set against a space backdrop).  What do you think, should I list "Calliope TubeSat Flight Spare"?

My favorites entries (so far) are the stenciled glass bottles, and the wooden toy blocks for alien children (both pictured here).
"2 Recycled Glass Spout Bottles""Handmade Alien Childrens Wooden Toy Blocks"
I do like the Esty comment on suggested source material, as I agree the words 'awesome' and 'NASA' go together like, well, like 'DIY' and 'craft'.
Q: Do I have to work with the NASA images provided at ISS EarthKAM and NASAimages?
A: No, the links are there just as a potential resource, because the images are so awesome, but it is not necessary to use them.
It's great to see open, creative commercial works being encouraged by NASA.  Consider this the prettier side of the new commercial space age.


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