Get your 'false equivalence' disclaimers ready, uber-progressive metropolitan San Francisco is once again leading America in anti-science beliefs.  Unlike something silly and annoying, like acceptance of evolution, progressive anti-science kills people.

The Waldorf School of the Peninsula in Los Altos, California, at a cool $24,000 per year for high school students, is delightfully kooky in its mission statement and its desire to frame education through social justice issues.  Hey, I don't care about that, people with money can send their kids to anything they want, be it religious or morally relativistic postmodernism like this, but even religious people accept that vaccines are good for kids.

Not so for the anti-science hippies sending their kids to this place.  Look at this chart, courtesy of The Bay Citizen:

Waldorf School of trhe peninsula vaccination rates

That's a shocking level below herd immunity, even below the anti-science hippies in Seattle.  73% 'personal belief' exemption, which is codespeak for 'we do not accept science'.  Does conservative Alabama have this dangerous anti-science belief?  No they do not.