If you subscribe to New Scientist, you can read an excerpt of "Science Left Behind" by their editors, drawn from the book and dealing with some of the more nonsensical ways progressives get catered to by politicians who are happy to check science, reason and data at the door if it will get out some votes; in this case by replacing plastic utensils in the Congressional cafeteria with corn-based ones that melted in soup and couldn't cut anything.

This was supposed to appeal to the environmental movement - and it certainly did - but it did nothing at all to help the environment. Its cancellation did, however, lead to an all-out assault on the California Republican who took the advice of his Democrat predecessor and undid the program when Republicans got control of the House again early in 2011.  In the last election, due to redistricting and an expensive public relations campaign noting he was 'wrong for California', Rep. Dan Lungren was defeated.

But they were basically correct in their campaign ads. Science and reason are 'wrong for California', at least to 66% of the state, because it often is in defiance of their world view. 

Lefty nonsense: When progressives wage war on reason - New Scientist