Are you healthier if you eat cupcake from a mix you buy in a grocery store, which would be required to have a GMO label if California's Proposition 37 passes, or an 'organic' cupcake from Whole Foods?

On a science site, you know I would not ask that question if the answer were not obvious.  Humans are inherently irrational, even in our quest to rationalize our odd behavior, like claiming random mutations due to high-energy cosmic rays are better than precisely controlled human ones, because the former are 'natural' - or eating an incredibly healthy cupcake because it is more expensive and in a fancy 'health food' store.

Science 2.0 contributors Lindsay Starke and Michael Taft are the high-powered machine behind the Being Human conference I attended earlier this year and have started a new Being Human website, so I did a guest post for them: GMOs Won't Kill You, But That Organic Cupcake Might where I discuss irrationality, especially when it comes to food, and how that is a component of what makes us human.