In 2007, advertisements talking about how much money you could make sitting on your butt if you would just BUY THEIR SECRET were at least interesting.    

We got tales of people making obnoxious amounts of money selling stuff on the interwebs or flipping houses using a secret government auction list or whatever.

Now look what we've come to ... even the spam marketers (somehow appearing in a remnant ad on our site, I must note, so remind me to find out who they are and eliminate them) have dialed it down.

4 figures a month?    They're getting people clicking their ads by offering a pie-in-the-sky $1000 a month income?    I hate to say it folks, but it seems the Bush years really were better for some people.

We used to talk about fusion and stopping global warming and how much water was wasted in toilets.   Now we are scraping up rejected watermelons and making energy from them and the sciences are doing no better.    Despite the president's claims to devote 3% of GDP to science, basically doubling the budgets of the NIH and the NSF (hint: it doesn't actually work when he promises everyone 3% of GDP) some biologists are being forced to make microfluidic arrays out of LEGO kits.

It doesn't end there.  We used to be able to send scientists out to find dinosaur fossils but now researchers are being forced to make their own dinosaurs - from chickens.

Even normally ethical professions like education are feeling the pain.   100 professors in Germany were recently reduced to accepting bribes from doctoral students.    

So get out there and spend, people.   Better yet, click on an ad or something.   We don't get any more money if you do that, but it makes advertisers feel better.