In academia, the many, many advancements of women are not enough and so they are increasingly forced to massage statistics to make it look like they are oppressed, underpaid, blocked out of the hard sciences, etc.

In reality, women have it pretty good. Maybe even great. Men, as a special interest group, basically stink at being a special interest group because they were historically always the interest group, no 'special' needed.

Not any more. They (well, we, I suppose) need to learn.   We're already unable to enter the social sciences and education and too many fields to count because of stereotype threat and gender bias and it is killing higher education participation. In 1970, men earned 60% of all college degrees but today women get more college degrees than men by almost 3 to 2.  Men who can't go into a hard science because the lack the ability can't go anywhere unless they have the mental strength to look around a classroom and see no other men - it's darn hard to go to school if you don't have equal gender representation and that gender intimidation will start to creep down to students in K-12 levels also, since 70% of educators there are women and young  males will have even fewer role models in their formative years.

Male unemployment is at 20%, the highest ever, because three quarters of the 8 million jobs lost in the recession were lost by men, clearly prejudice against men, and women are soon to take over the majority of the highest paid and most powerful occupations, where men have traditionally ruled.

Why did this happen?  Some of it seems obvious.   In a modern service economy world where thinking has taken the place of physical ability, women can compete without a genetic qualification or size and the evolutionary psychology contention that we have imprinted biological imperatives which guide men and women into different jobs has been shown, like most evolutionary psychology, to be made up nonsense.   The courts have decided you don't even need a penis to be a man any more.   The odds look bleak, folks.

The scales have simply tipped, even when it comes to procreation. In society, if she wants the baby, she gets to have the baby, and men will pay - there is no choice for men other than going to jail if a man doesn't want to pay for a baby he did not want to have.  Maybe men need their own pro-choice movement. Scientifically, women may not even need men for procreation much longer.

Maybe women thought they wanted it the way it is now but they don't seem to like it.  The top complaint of young American women, says CNN columnist Bill Bennett, is that modern American men never grow up, their adolescence is interminable.  Well, young men no longer have to grow up.  The out-of-wedlock birthrate is more than 40% in America.  It used to be that men got married and had to provide for a family.  They had to grow up.

Not any more. 18-to- 34-year-old men spend more time playing video games each day than 12-to- 17-year-old boys do.  Men no longer have to 'man up' and so they don't.

That's not a complaint, more like an observation. Playing video games all day would rule, I was clearly born in the wrong generation.   Women running the world may also make it a nicer place.  How many wars were started by women?  It's hard to think of one since Helen of Troy and even that was just due to her being awesome, she had no ships of her own and men started all the Trojan War fuss.   St. Joan of Arc also did something no man ever did - namely won a war for the French.

Bennett contends it is isn't just work and family encroachment that are to blame, but also a decline in religion.  He cites Gallup polls stating 39% of men attend church regularly, compared to 47% of women, but the priesthood is one of the few jobs women haven't taken from men, so it seems like men would gravitate toward churches if that made a difference.

If it isn't religion, maybe it is just cultural evolution.  Heck, a week ago a student won Homecoming Queen and then kicked the game-winning field goal for the school's football team.  How many men can claim that?

Brianna Amit

I. for one, look forward to benevolent rule by our new XX chromosome overlords.