The story begins with my own submitting a communication to over there. In a really short time I have obtained a response !!! O-h-o-o-o !!! Now they’re working with a speed !!! My God !!! Let’s read their answer together: Its header:

BBRC-12-1466: Final Decision …

Its text: Ms. No.: BBRC-12-1466 Title: Entropy-Enthalpy Compensation as a Fundamental Concept and Analysis Tool for Systematical Experimental Data Corresponding Author: Dr. Evgeni B. Starikov Authors: Bengt Nordén, Prof. Dr.

Dear Dr. Starikov, After a careful review of your manuscript, I am afraid that we are not able to accept it for publication in BBRC. As you know, this is a rapid communication journal and not all submissions, regardless of their merit, are suitable for this format. Our standards are increasingly high, and in fact, approximately 80% of submissions do not meet our criteria.

In this case, we have found that your manuscript represents sound science, but may not be of high enough interest to our broad readership. We receive a large number of excellent submissions to the journal, and unfortunately cannot publish them all. I am sorry to convey this negative decision; I know it is a disappointment. However, I thank you for the opportunity to see your work, and I hope you will consider submitting future manuscripts to BBRC.

With kind regards,

William J. Lennarz

Editor Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Who is this Great Guy ??? Here he is:

He is a Member of American Academy of Sciences ??? Well, there is a short nice poem in Russian – about such kind of “academics”:

————————————————– В Академии Наук заседает князь Дундук ! Как, скажите, подобает Дундуку такая честь ? Почему он заседает – потому что ЖОПА есть … ——————————————————-
An approximate translation if this in English: ————————– In the Academy of Sciences Prince Dunduk is sitting in the meetings ! How, tell me please, this Dunduk befits such an honor ? Why is he sitting there – because he has his ass … ——————
My response – I have sent him this (and now, I cite): Dear Prof. Dr. Lennarz, what you have sent me is not a statement of any decision, it’s rather a tragic statement of drastic incapability to produce sound editorial decisions. Normally, the latter ones go after the review process.

Your message isn’t in fact a serious disappointment – for, reading what you are publishing causes me sometimes to laugh (are your authors educated enough ?) and sometimes to weep (about the destiny of world’s biophysics and biochemistry) … Sure, I will not submit any of my future papers to your journal, it’s definitely not worthwhile my attention … One more point: if you dare to ask me to serve as a reviewer for your journal, the point is that I am a long-year reviewer for Elsevier journals, and I have published a book with the help of Elsevier, so I will answer just this same way as you’re writing to me – or even much cruder (depends on my emotional state that time) …

Wishing you every success, Evgeni B. Starikov (Jewgeni Starikov)

To our common regret such stories happen last time in lots of scientific journals. For, there are dregs who consider these journals as their “own manors”. And this is, of course, readily reflected in the quality of the subsequent publications … Let us have a look at (once really the outstanding) scientific journals like NATURE, SCIENCE, PNAS … These same stories systematically happen in such journals as JACS, Biochemistry, Physics Reviews Series (once really respectable and solid scientific publications) …. Would we like to finally destroy scientific research ??? Or what ???