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The Man Who Killed More People?

Veritasium has come in for quite a bit of stick recently over his videos on electricity. However, recently I came across this one, entitled The Man Who Accidentally Killed The Most People In History. It contains so much history, most of which I already ha ...

Blog Post - Robert H Olley - May 6 2022 - 5:49am

Antisemitism Reached A New High Globally In 2021

In 2001, after the US World Trade Centers were destroyed in a terrorist attack, assaults on middle-eastern buildings and people in San Francisco went up. Yet the middle eastern people attacked were Jewish, not Muslim. A common sentiment among intelligentsi ...

Article - News Staff - May 9 2022 - 9:14am

Media Influences Occupations- Here Is How Perceptions Of Jobs Changed Over Time

"All The President's Men" inspired young people to rush to journalism while "Mad Men" caused enrollment in advertising courses to surge and "Top Gun led to more Navy recruits. Film and television shapes young minds and markete ...

Article - News Staff - May 18 2022 - 2:15pm