Research by dating site found that 36% of women would end a relationship over an 'inadequate' Christmas gift.  This was particularly the case when the present was the latest in a series of disappointing let-downs within the relationship.

Examples of gifts which were deemed inadequate included cooking utensils, cleaning products, and a sticky tape dispenser.   Generally speaking, it seems common sense to think that devices meant to cook for a significant other or clean the house would be a bad idea - but that's why science studies are needed.

Highly educated women were much more likely to end a relationship for this reason than those with no qualifications.  Women working in the legal profession were especially demanding, nearly two thirds of whom considered a poor present as grounds for ditching a partner.    Hey, they make $300 an hour so they probably bought you something nice.  You can do the same.

Just 17% of men would end a relationship over their partner's choice of Christmas present.  Which means that, once again, men are the less materialistic gender - and we mostly care about sex.

Dan Winchester of commented: "Clearly men and women attach different levels of significance to gifts within relationships.  The danger is that men will judge the importance of their gift choice for a partner based on their own expectations, which are dramatically lower."

About this research:

This research was based on an online poll of 5,032 UK members of, questioned between 4th and 8th of December 2008.