Disclaimer:- This text is not meant either to question God’s existence or Religious rituals or preach Atheism (if there is such a thing). No, on the contrary, I hope, if nothing else, then this text does glorify my own personal belief that there is one Supreme Power in an indescribable form – A Force that exploded the universe into being– A Force so strong that the universe continues to expand at tremendous speeds as an aftermath of an explosion caused by The All-Conquering Force……


17th Century A.D

The Vatican Church is getting a little uneasy, he thought. The high echelons of the Church were having a meeting in a few hours, but he already knew the decision that the group will reach. He knew it and he was dreading it with every passing moment. Sitting on his coveted Chair, with his brows furrowed enough to be mingled into his upper eyelashes, he imagined what the Church would have felt when it had been threatened the previous time, when a group of Crusaders had unexpectedly uncovered a treasure, not an ordinary treasure of just gold and armor, no, but a Secret Treasure, a treasure with the ability to shake the very foundations of Man’s belief. They had been given immense power, overnight, by the Pope, a power that made them eternally famous as The Knights Templar and answerable only to the Pope. A treasure fit for no single man to have, not even a King, it had been said….

The present crisis was the same, if not worse. The clouds were a similar shade of dark. But, this was not all. He was faced with a dilemma of his own. Yes, the advancement in Natural Philosophy, as they called it, had crossed a line this time. Honestly, he had seen this coming from the time Galileo had started making theories, but how could he have known he would be so in the middle of this whole thing. Yes, the thinking of Man – for the atonement of whose sins, the Lord had let himself be crucified – had gone wayward, anti-Christ was the word. But was the Church really threatened by this bunch of ‘thinking fools’? Was it necessary to take such a harsh decision? Were the foundations of the Lord’s house so shaky? His faith did not let him believe so but the pressure from outside these Vatican walls was too immense to let him walk on the side of the road – he had to tread the beaten path.

The authority that made the Templars a super power overnight also stripped them, literally, off the power, again overnight. So it had been, so it shall be....

Although this didn’t make it any easier, but he had always known the decision had to be made. The alleged Illuminati had to be destroyed – crushed in a way that the repercussions of thinking against the Church teachings would echo till Armageddon. What he hadn’t known was that he would be taking the decision tonight. However , no matter how black it may be, it had to be taken….God intended it to be taken….through him…People intended him to take it….Just yesterday, they had chosen him as the Leader….their Leader……their Pope.

General Speak
We do what we have to do but how come we end up doing what we are doing? Puzzling, innit?? And puzzling it has been for centuries and puzzling it still remains. People call it fate, some call it God’s will, still some (the very ‘adventurous’ thinkers) call it the result of their previous life’s karma (doings). Are these three different ideologies or are they three different angles to see through the same window pane (and thus, seeing three different parts of the same outside scenery)?

Fate, as in a four letter word in the English lexicon, is well explained as an inevitable course of events, but theoretically and practically is too complex to even define, let alone explain. Moreover, how is fate decided? And then again, there are the intricate differences between fortune and fate.
Brave men maketh their own fortune…. And what about weak men? Are they entitiled to fate their whole lives, and yet again, who entitles them to it? The spontaneous answer to this (by many people) is God, Lord, Supreme Power and all other names given to the same entity. Then, is it God’s will that describes our whole life?
90% of the crowd will raise their hand in support of this answer, mostly because it’s the easiest. No, seriously, it is the easiest of all possible answers, partly because whenever your answer has “God’ in it, the person in front of you finds it hard to put forward another question, treading carefully, lest he utters something fishy about God. Then again, there are people who believe God has pre-decided everyone’s life. Hard to disagree, but more importantly, harder to prove……

Science Speak:-

From Galileo’s devout Catholic approach to physics – to –Stephen Hawking’s question of whether physics leaves space for God, the turn in homo sapien thinking is very clear. Science (and not just physics) has many a time tried to explain this phenomenon of “Why we do what we do”.
A virtually ‘unheard among the general masses’ branch of science called Noetic Science does extensive research in this area like the experiment to calculate the weight of human soul (21 grams) and the effect of human thoughts on plants.
A fairly scientific approach will be moving along the lines of the power of thought coupled with the concept of Chi – Vital Energy (prana in Hinduism). Many of us have experienced the following (I have)– If we think a lot about some situation that we don’t want to take place, day and night, on D-day, that situation, indeed, does not happen. Concentration? Meditation?? Power of Thought??? Moving objects with powerful focus is something real Chi Masters can do and wizards only claim to do.
But can these masters move situations with their focus? Or is human incapable of that amount of concentration ? Is the energy required for such a feat, in fact The Supreme Energy???

Gen-X 'n' Gen-Y Speak:-

Born from the wombs of God-fearing mothers is the growing crowd of agnostics and atheists…

Forget the past, Live fully in the Present, We take and make the Future as it comes. Armed with excellent potential and handy skills, the new generation truly believes in itself. Resourceful in tight situations and cheerful in happy ones, the generation thanks its skill for a bright future.
Coincidence- oh, yes happy to believe in it. Destiny- well, maybe..(perhaps with a casual shrug) and Supreme Being- ooooh dude, too tough and touchy a topic to discuss.

Blogger Speak:-

As Edward Norton puts it in The Illusionist –
Where does Power flow from – Skill or Destiny? Or Divine Right???


21th Century A.D
The television set in front of him was showing scenes from inside a large circular tube, buried deep inside the Earth, somewhere along the Franco-Swiss borders – Large Hadron Collider, they called it. For a moment, he wondered how far Man had come and how far will he go before he stops, or will he? Nonetheless, Man’s obsession to search for answers was reaching unprecedented heights. The largest particle accelerator in the world – along with the whole scientific community holding its breath – searching for one single particle – God Particle, they called it. Higgs Boson was the scientific name, as shown by the TV, which was now displaying some awkward graphs, apparently a source of happiness for the scientists, because everyone was congratulating each other. From what he had heard, Man was trying to create, or recreate would be more apt, the Moment of Creation inside a laboratory.

He wondered, again, how his predecessors from the Middle Ages would have reacted to all this - to naming a particle God, to trying to create Lord’s Magic in a lab – probably would have branded all CERN scientists with a Cross, he amused himself. Man had indeed travelled far ahead of those times now. There was no tension, related to this research, in any part of the world. In fact, most people were extremely interested, not to say curious, about the result of the experiment, even though they had only the dimmest idea of what was actually going on. Well, the scientists knew what was going on, for sure, and that was all that mattered….. for the moment…..

There was a bell at the door. He looked up at the ornate grandfather clock. About time, he thought. He opened the door. Yes, he is a scientist, was his first thought on seeing the man standing in front of him. The coat he wore had the CERN logo on its breast pocket. Intelligent eyes, thoughtful brows, long white beard, handsome personality – fit for being the Director General of such a reputed research facility. The man took his hand in his own and said, “Good Evening, Your Holiness”.
Science and Religion – hand in hand, literally, thought the Pope…