Puffer fish might kill, oysters are slimy and salmon skin is uncommon to eat, but around the word there are some even more unique drinks and delicacies that tests ones sensory analysis and may take customary valor to a new universe.

The scorpion drink—Is made by soaking a scorpion in vodka for three months after it has gone through a special detoxification process. Originated in China, sold in the U.K. supposedly improves libido, lowers toxins in the blood stream and lowers blood pressure.

Fried Spiders—The recent Cambodian craze involves frying Thai Zebra Tarantula’s as big as a hand in a mixture of MSG, sugar, salt and garlic. This spider dish began in the 1970’s after people had little to eat during the rule of Khmer Rouge.

Cobra blood—Though research on the effects of cobra blood is limited, it can be found in restaurants and bars in places like Indonesia. The potent delicatessen is consumed in a shot-glass amount and is reported to cause vivid dreams.

Birds nest soup—The Chinese dish is made from the nests of the cave-dwelling swiftlet birds. The nests, which are made from the bird’s gummy-like saliva that hardens with exposure to air, are dangerously obtained from caves by harvesters. The 400 year old soup tradition is a popular one in China because it is considered an aphrodisiac.

Shark fin soup—Is another Chinese soup that is exactly what it sounds like—soup made from the fins of sharks. Any variety of sharks can be used for their tasteless fin that, like tofu, takes on the flavor of the broth into which it is mixed. The soup is immersed in controversy regarding the cruelty of fining by cutting off the shark’s fin and discarding the body.

Weasel Coffee—The liquid also called civet coffee is made from coffee berries that have been eaten and defecated (or regurgitated in some cases) by weasels. The beans pass through a weasel’s system undigested giving them a bitter, but pleasant taste. The coffee is priced as the most expensive in the world. For example, In North Queensland, Australia The Herveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms offers weasel coffee for $48.

Puffin—This large and colorfully beaked bird is consumed mostly by people living in the Faroe Islands, including Iceland. It is said to taste like sheep or pig liver. Puffins are talented at swimming underwater enabling Catholics to eat them during lent with the excuse that they are more like a fish than a meat.

Beondegi—The Korean word for silkworm pupae are a common snack which can be found in bars or sold on the street. The seasoned silkworms in the third stage of metamorphism are good sources of protein and can also be purchased in Korean markets canned.