. . . Wait! Stop the presses! They're not enormous, they're just somewhat large. They don't stab their prey, they just chew and swallow.

Maybe that sounds nitpicky--big is big and sharp is sharp, right? But it actually makes quite a difference. Consider these sentences from the Victoria Times:
Jumbo squid hunt in packs and use sharp suckers on their eight arms to hold their prey while stabbing them repeatedly with their sharp beak . . . Adult Humboldt squid can grow as large as 10 to 13 metres long (33 to 43 feet).
Now consider the facts. Jumbo (Humboldt) squid use their beak for taking bites out of their food, just like you would take bites out of a sandwich. The phrase "stabbing repeatedly" is not only wrong, it unnecessarily conjures horrifying images of violent assault and murder in human society.

Especially if you imagine the stabbing attacker as ten meters long. Yikes! That is a full order of magnitude larger than your average Humboldt squid. The maximum responsibly reported size is still only 2.5 meters, and that's total length, including the somewhat stretchy arms.

Hey Canada, just kidding! I think you'll be okay.