Hey, my boss is in the news! Kinda sorta, if you count tiny local papers you've never heard of. And why not--especially when they run articles about people you know?
Together with the Noyo Harbor Commission, Dr. Gilly and Supervisor Kendall Smith will be discussing, in depth, the Humboldt squid, nicknamed "red devil" for its red color and fierce nature to attack everything in sight from fish to scuba divers, and their migration towards Northern California from their natural South American habitat.
Okay, I'm not going to get on my "red devil" hobbyhorse; I'm just going to point out that they are not migrating all the way from South America to Northern California. Humboldt squid have been living in the northern hemisphere for years, hanging out off the coasts of Central America and Mexico. The animals moving north into California and beyond are probably coming from this northern hemisphere population--not all the way from Peru or Chile.

Incidentally, Noyo Harbor is in Fort Bragg, California, a town which may one day find its way on the map as the birthplace of California's commerical fishery for the Humboldt squid:
The Humboldt squid holds great nutritional value and represents the potential for an extra revenue source for local commercial fishermen . . . the possibility of creating a squid fishery in Northern California by the Noyo Harbor District will be discussed.