The LA Times is way more awesome than I ever realized. First, they have this section called "LA Unleashed: All things animal in southern California and beyond." That's one awesome. Next, LA Unleashed includes a daily feature called "Your Morning Adorable: The best way to start your day, in our opinion, is with a great animal photo or video." That's two awesome.

Finally, today's Morning Adorable was a cephalopod, and not just any cephalopod, but a pretty obscure deep-sea glass squid dubbed the Piglet Squid. That's three awesome!

Now, of course, I complain.
We don't normally think of the words "planktonic" and "squid" in connection with the word "adorable."
What the ink is wrong with you, LA times? The connection between those three words should be burned into your brain.
Those bushy eyebrow-type protuberances are actually eight tentacles and two "arms."
Oh no no no no NO! They are eight ARMS and two TENTACLES. Sigh.

But y'know, whatever. For a 200-word blurb about cute animals to deftly introduce three heavy vocab words--planktonic, chromatophore, and photophore--is pretty darn awesome, too.

It might be going a bit overboard to start calling them the Los Awesome Times . . .

(Thanks to Kris for the tentacular tip!)