Etiquette for Politicians

Some burning questions of the day for President-elect Donald Trump.

Etiquette for Politicians

Should a democrat not curtsey to a monarch?
Should a communist ask favours from the GOP?
Should a UKIP member bow to a eurocrat, then how?
And should fascists march or run, or simply stop?

Should prime ministers wear breton caps or bowlers?
Should a lib-dem wear waxed cotton or a mac?
If a voter offers cash, should one quickly say "must dash"
Or accept it and make haste to change one's track?

Should opponents not be banned from public places?
Is a heckler at speeches to be shot?
If a journalist should ask what you think's your primary task
Should you offer her a dinner date or not?

Should a tory dilly-dally with a liberal?
Should a marxist ever parley with a trot?
If an anarchist should shout as a tory walks about,
Should the tory use a gun or a garrote?

Should ministers crack jokes that are not funny?
Should back-benchers simply do as they are bid?
Should expenses be a groat, or enough to fill a moat?
And should plebs be called 'sir', 'madam', or 'our kid'?

Blatantly plagiarised from the poem "Problems with etiquette for animals" - Punch, date and author unknown.