The Far Side is a great source for science-related humor, of course - and Josh will figure out Scott Adams' take on evolution using only Dilbert strips, I'm sure of it - but for those looking to broaden their horizons, provide reinforcement for those long days in lab, or gifts for fellow geeks/dorks/nerds, please consider another tool for the armamentarium.

For more, check out PHD Comics, a grad school comic strip. Tip of the hat and deep stage bow to my favorite polymer chemistry Ph.D. grad student, Janet "From Another Planet" Maegerlein, the hottest thing to hit polymers since, well, monomers.1

1 I've been in her lab and sadly, they do not study polyawsomer. Perhaps her PI can secure enough funding so she can pursue her own risky research.

P.S. Hank, who holds the current record for most links to other scientific blogging posts in one post? I definitely did my part with this one - perhaps I should win my own logo.