Here is my holiday card for 2015, a tradition of mine going back to 1990.  Enjoy.

On the back...

I also include a summary of the year.  Here is the stuff on my research efforts:

It was quite the remarkable year, nerd-wise, at least only to me (as is the way). Back in the Fall of 2012, I had to give up on a proposal for gravity using quaternions and hypercomplex numbers. So sad, no more t-shirt sales. I flopped around for three years, trying a few ideas that fell over easily. This Spring, I remembered an observation I probably made in my first week of playing with quaternions. It was radically simpler than Einstein's field theory by not being a field theory. Instead, it was the quaternion twin of special relativity, the law of constantly moving observers for any equation written in physics. It is the strength of that neighbor that gives me confidence in the new proposal. If you love special relativity, give quaternion gravity a try (, Elle and I collaborated on the drawings).
Someone asked me what a quaternion really, really was. I spent some three months thinking and building the result on the card. It is a good sign that math can translate into poetry.

Good luck in your studies in 2016.