I didn't know that Christmas was associated with hangovers, but apparently in Britain it is. Whatever gets you through family time, I guess. Anyway, the venerable BMJ dedicated some quality space to debunking holiday myths, according to this BBC article.

1. The only cure for a hangover is time. Or more alcohol.
2. Eating late does not equal gaining more weight. Eating lots of bad food does.
3. Sugar does not cause hyperactive behavior. I beg to differ.
4. Most of your body heat is not lost through your head, unequivocally proving that my grandma has lied to us all these years.
5. Poinsettias are not toxic. This one really interested me,  as I was among the completely snowed and believed they were.
6. Christmas is not the cause of increased suicides.

Also debunked: Oliver Twist really didn't need another. This supoprts countless years of dinnertime denial by my grandpa, who said I didn't really need anymore.