That's right, my love for the periodic table can now be extended to my phone! My sweet Palm Pre features the periodic table in its app catalog, with such data as:

  • Oxidation Status

  • Boiling Point

  • Melting Point

  • Electron Configuration

  • Electron Negativity

  • Atomic Radius

  • Atomic Volume

  • Specific Heat Capacity

  • Ionization Potential

  • Atomic Number

  • Symbol

  • Name

  • Weight

  • Link to Wikipedia article

Man, I thought we were cutting edge when we were able to spell 35006 on our calculators in math class.1 The link to the Wikipedia article is a nice touch, I thought. BHE (Best Husband Ever) paid for the app so I could play to my heart's content. Below is an image from the catalog (but I believe this was an earlier version, as my version has a lot more to it and looks better).

1 For those not indoctrinated into high school shenanigans, 35006 = GOOSE (upside down and backward). A tangentially related fun fact: someone created a goose poop calculator. I love the InterGoogle.